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Quick Details
Eyebrow Pencil
Place of Origin:
Seoul, South Korea
Brand Name:


Self Tanning Eyebrow Brush Pen
Long lasting : 3~7 days.
The eyebrow make-up remains after washing face.

This is different from normal waterproof eyebrow.

Sensational Self tanning Eyebrow Pen


Product Description

Product Name             Self tanning Eyebrow Pen

Origin                        Made in Korea                                                                        

Components          TTSU Liquid Eyebrow 1.8ml(0.05oz)*1 Piece                               

Applicator                Soft Brush                                                                               

Color                         Natural Brown                                                                        

Product Capacity       1.8ml*1 Piece(You could use it by about 250 times)              


1. Main Features         

    - Self Tanning Eyebrow Brush Pen

    - Apply just once, the effect lasts 3~7 days.

    - A Magic liquid Eyebrow unlike other waterproof eyebrow.

      If you draw your eyebrow by using our self tanning eyebrow pen

      before going to bed, you don’t need to apply again in next busy morning.

   - The eyebrow make-up remains after washing face.


2. Features of new conceptual TTSU Liquid Eyebrow:

  • It lasts for 3~7 days.
  • It is not removed in swimming pool, sauna and on the beach.
  • It is unnecessary to apply again in the next morning after applying at night because the eyebrow make-up can remain after washing face.
  • It is best for people who sweat a lot in summer.
  • Fabulous Brush applicators: To apply smooth lines easily and feathery strokes for the most natural-looking brows.
  • Use of a plastic container with the transparency shows the remaining quantity.
  • Both of women and men can use


Q: What is the reason that the eyebrow is not cleaned away by washing face for a few days?

It is the effect of Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) which is the self-tanning ingredient of the cosmetics and makes the skin look like burned in the sun. The skin color turns brown when DHA combines with the keratin proteins on the surface of skin. When applying, the color of the eyebrow appears to be dark brown, but it becomes natural brown after 6-8 hours.


How to Use

  1. Rotate bottom part of eyebrow pen slowly until liquid comes out over the brush and the brush gets black. (If you first use new products, please rotate it around 15~20 times.)
  2. Apply to clean dry non oily skin and eyebrow hair.
  3. Do not rub or get wet within six hours after applying.
  4. It is unnecessary to apply again in the next morning after applying at night because the eyebrow make-up can remain after washing face.
  5. When applying, the color is dark, but dark brown color will be natural brown after washing face.
  6. To keep beautiful brown eyebrows, just retouch your eyebrows lightly everyday.
  7. Waterproof, smudgeproof & stays on for upto 7days until you decide to remove it, no need to reapply.
  8. Close cap after using it to avoid contents from drying out.


Usage Instructions

  1. TTSU Eyebrow pen can be applied only on eye brows, but should not be applied on eye lines or inside the eyes.
  2. If the brush applicator was contaminated with other cosmetics, sweat and oil, it is difficult for eyebrow liquid to come out, so keep the brush applicator clean and wipe the tip of brush lightly by using tissue.
  3. Be careful to avoid the liquid leaking by shaking or falling, because it is difficult to clean it if the liquid stains clothing.
  4. Don’t apply to wet skin by water or sweat.



Storage Instructions

  1. Close cap after using it to avoid contents from drying out.
  2. Avoid high and low temperature and keep out of direct sunlight.
  3. Keep away from the fire and keep out of children’s reach.



We recommend that people with sensitive skin always test make-up products on small areas first